Who are TEAM BOX ?

Firstly, thanks for checking out our TEAM BOX website and this – our first blog. Maybe you have been following us for a while, are an existing or former client, or perhaps this is the first you’ve heard of us.

We hope that all of you will enjoy checking out this brief introduction to TEAM BOX, learning more about who we are, and what TEAM BOX is all about…

We are a group of five experienced and passionate online nutrition coaches, working to share online evidence-based coaching, and helping our clients achieve outstanding results.

Our TEAM consists of Stephen Box, Daniel Meek, Laura Baker, Chris Emmett and Mike Harrison. All five of us have worked in the industry for quite some time, despite each having taken slightly different journeys… Some of us began in the profession of Personal Training, some professional sport; but together we have united, making the move into full-time online coaching with nutrition at the very forefront of our qualifications and experience.

Similarly, with regards to our sporting & fitness achievements, each TEAM BOX coach is totally unique, which is great, as it means we each have something special to bring to the table. For some of us, Semi Pro Rugby was a forte, whilst others have been highly successful in the world of dance, bodybuilding, modelling and other high flyers in the sports of football and volleyball… One thing we all have in common however is our love for the sport of bodybuilding, strength training and nutrition.

Through this love of training and nutrition we are big advocates of ‘practicing what we preach’ and for us our work does not begin at 9am and finish at 5pm; it’s a life-long lifestyle. It is with this ethos that we will all compete at the same bodybuilding show in September of this year – for some of the TEAM, this will be our very first show!

How and why we created TEAM BOX

TEAM BOX coaches are all highly motivated individuals and it was in January of 2016 that we decided to join forces and create a online coaching company off an already established reputation.  This company would embody all the traits and the ethos that we follow as both coaches and athletes. Put simply we endeavour to cut the crap out of the industry and share knowledge that is evidence based, scientifically supported and demonstrated by the excellent results achieved by us coaches and our clients.

Increasingly, the industry is clouded by an overload of contradictory beliefs, ‘facts’ and information creating a stifling and suffocating environment. It is no surprise then that many are left feeling confused and like they are merely going round in circles as they strive to achieve their goals.

TEAM BOX are passionate about delivering clear, concise, un-biased, evidence-supported and unrivalled coaching both directly to our clients and shared more widely across various social platforms.

What makes TEAM BOX different?

One of the greatest things about TEAM BOX is that we are all great friends, and genuinely look up to and respect one another as coaches and individuals. There is a saying that your team is only as strong as its weakest link…but in our team, we see no weak link. Some of us have known each other from University, some through our work together professionally, and some through our own personal development as a client of one of the other coaches. But regardless of how our team has come together, we are so happy it did, as we could not be more excited about the future and what lays ahead for TEAM BOX.

Our team of clients are also unique! We call them ‘athletes’…because they are athletes, and anyone who says different simply doesn’t know who our athletes are and what they have proven they are capable of! They are awesome.

Soppy as it may sound, we see TEAM BOX as one big family. We do not merely look to ‘coach’ our clients, but to educate them, empower them and motivate them to achieve amazing things, never stationary – always looking to do more and keep moving forward. Our clients are also incredibly powerful in giving us coaches a great deal of satisfaction and motivation to keep improving our services as both coaches and ATHLETES.


So… that’s TEAM BOX! Safe to say this is the start of an incredible journey and the #teamboxtakeover starts here!!!