At Team Box we work with a wide range of clients, from busy professionals to competitive bodybuilders. But do you know who our most common client is?  Personal Trainers. For some this may sound strange, why would a personal trainer hire a coach? Well, they have goals like anyone else and busy lives like anyone else. So, having a coach can be a hugely important support.

In this blog I am going to explore why a personal trainer might enlist the help of their own coach and highlight some of the many benefits there are for having a coach to help you develop both personally and in business.


When embarking on a new goal, there can be many things that get in the way to throw you off and potentially stop you achieving your goal. As a personal trainer you are the same as any other person in that you can be affected by these things, and yet on top of this you have to help motivate clients on a daily basis, hearing about their troubles, coming up with effective ways to help them achieve their goals and guide them to their fitness goals.

Not only this, after training clients back-to-back you get a chance to train for an hour or so in the same four walls you have worked day in day out. Training clients back to back can be underestimated, but it really is like having back to back 1-2-1 meetings. It can be quite tiring and over time it can subsequently be easy to let your own training slip and before you know it, you aren’t really training that much.

I’ve been there. When I was a personal trainer, sat after a long day, sipping my coffee to prepare for my session ahead, I know deep down I would much rather have had a nap, before my next set of clients later in the day.

A lot of the time it isn’t that you don’t want to train it’s just you need someone to look after your interests and ultimately be your source of accountability for training, nutrition and to some extent – business.

Below are the three main things you as a personal trainer can benefit from by having a coach:

You will train your clients better

The reason I initially became a personal trainer was because I loved training and doing this as a job sounded like I had won the lottery. But you can rest assured that you won’t be alone if after some time your love for training can become a little stale – maybe you even fall out of love with it entirely. But.what happens in this scenario when it comes to training your clients? You might find you struggle to motivate them as well as you used to. Perhaps you also struggle to motivate yourself.  However, what can often happen when a personal trainer hires a coach is they reignite that love for training and this quickly filters into when they train their clients and becomes infectious. Your clients want a personal trainer that inspires and motivates them, and thats a lot easier when you are smashing your own training and feeling that you are making good progress.

You will look like a personal trainer

Now I am not saying that every personal trainer needs to be shredded up and bursting out of their t-shirts, but it’s true that it can go a long way if you look like you lift – after all you are a walking bill board for your PT business. You could be the best personal trainer in the world but if you are a bit overweight, the chances are that potential client who is considering PT will go with the personal trainer in the gym who is in better shape than you. If you have become a bit slack with your training and nutrition, having a coach can be a huge support in helping you back in shape and make you a great advertisement for your business.

You could also look at doing something like a photo shoot? This can be a great goal which will inspire your clients, give you empathy with your weight loss clients and also some epic images to market your business.

Your business as a personal trainer will boom

One thing I enjoy working with a personal trainer is when we discuss how their business is developing and also any client trouble-shooting. One of my current clients who is a personal trainer just the other week arranged a few calls with me to ask me about my time in the industry, what I thought was the most important things to focus on as a personal trainer, how to stay motivated and so on. Most online coaches who are worth their two cents will have started out as a personal trainer and learnt the ropes. It’s definitely the case for myself and Steve who have put in a lot of hours working clients in the gym and therefore understand how to build a good client base from nothing.

Another client I worked with recently messaged me to say thank you as he had since taken the plunge to be a self-employed trainer and wouldn’t have necessarily done so if it wasn’t for our time working together. We ensured that he made progress with his training but also in our catch-up calls discussed how to tackle certain client and business scenarios. It can be a scary world being a self employed personal trainer so having someone who you can bounce ideas off and support you can be massive. That on top of owning your own training and nutrition and its a winning combination.


So there you have it, just a few reasons why having a coach if you are a personal trainer can be really important. If you are a trainer and have felt that some of these points resonate with you then why not enquire for 1-2-1 coaching? You get a FREE 20 minute phone consult call as part of the enquiry process so even if you don’t decide to proceed with coaching you can rack our brains in the process.

Coach Chris