If you have a holiday on the near horizon no doubt you are very excited as you look forward to relaxing and unwinding from work. But you could also be slightly apprehensive about coming back from your trip a good few kilos heavier. It’s great to enjoy some time away but it doesn’t always need to come at the expensive off weight gain because you went a little overboard at the all you can eat buffet.

In this blog I will give my 5 top tips that will allow you enjoy your holiday, avoid unnecessary weight gain and make smart choices while still enjoying your favourite foods.


Life shouldn’t just be work work work. There needs to be balance where you can get away and enjoy yourself.

For many their yearly holiday can also be a really nice target to get in shape for. If this rings true for you then I am sure you are no doubt looking forward to showing off your new body on the beach or by the pool. If you have worked hard to get in shape for your holiday then chances are you want to maintain this, the top tips in this blog could really help you do just this.

However even if you haven’t dieted for your holiday but just simply want to avoid coming back feeling like you’ve put on a few pounds then this blog is also for you.

Enjoying your holiday is all about balance. Its great to chill and not do much but it’s not a great feeling coming back home knowing you have to diet for a good few weeks to work off those extra pounds you have put on while away.

But how can you achieve the balance so you can chill out, eat great food but come back home in the same shape you left in?


Below are 5 top tips are so easy to install while you are away and will really make a big difference without minimal effort or stress.

Get your steps up

Now I am not saying you need to be setting off on a route march every morning at the crack of dawn, however by just keeping your steps as close to where they normally are or maybe even a little higher will really help you keep that weight off while away. The ability to do this will of course depend on the type of holiday but even a beach holiday should be easy enough to get those steps up. Small things like taking the stairs at the hotel instead of the lift, walking to the nearest town instead of getting the bus, or going for an evening walk down the beach before dinner every night will really help. Remember your step count forms a big part of your daily energy expenditure so the more you steps you do the more room you create for a few more drinks at dinner or a pudding after your main meal.

One treat a day

One really good tip I give my clients and one I have used myself is to limit the amounts of treats you allow yourself in one day. When I mean treats I mean things like a few drinks at dinner, pudding after your main meal or some pastries at your breakfast for example. Now of course you could allow yourself all of these every day but don’t be surprised if you come back home at least a few kilos up. The best thing to do is have your there main meals a day (or even fast at breakfast if you wish for a bigger evening meal) and then allow yourself one thing a day you really enjoy and look forward to. I have done it on holidays where if I have pudding at dinner then I won’t have a drink or if I have a bigger breakfast I have a much lighter lunch. This allows you to still enjoy food, savour things more and not go overboard for the sake of it.

Small workouts

If you are staying in a hotel chances are you will have access to a gym, how good that gym will be is of course going to be varied. However just doing a few smaller intense workouts while you are away will burn a few calories and also keep you feeling energised. I don’t know about you but I really start to feel lethargic on holidays without a good little workout every 1-2 days. These workouts can be short and sweet. 30-40 minutes long with exercises done back to back or even a small weights circuit will work well. Even if you don’t have access to a gym then a quick bodyweight circuit outside can be a great option. Throw in some lunges, press ups, crunches and squats and you can get a quality little session in before breakfast to really set you up for the day. You don’t need to be a slave to the gym but just a few sessions here and there will help massively in the grand scheme of things.

Smart alcohol choices

For most of us going away will involve a few drinks as you unwind and relax. You can still enjoy alcohol on holiday and avoid unwanted weight gain but just be a little bit smart with your choices. If you are going to enjoy some cocktails first of all I would ensure that this is your one treat for the day (see point 2 above) as these can contain a fair few calories. However what maybe better is choosing some lower calorie drinks that will make your calories go further. Slim line G&T’s, Diet Coke and vodka are just a few really good lower calorie options or if you enjoy a beer then a really smart swap can be to swap a full pint to a smaller bottle of beer. This small swap will half the calories but still allows you to enjoy a few beers in the sun, just drink slow and savour each drop :).

Stop when full

The final tip is one many won’t heed but really should. If you are going away to a resort and have an all inclusive package this is defiantly an important tip. First of all when you fill your plate at the buffet try and pack it out with lots of veggies, grilled meats or fish which are less fatty, a moderate portion of rice, potatoes or whatever you fancy while trying to avoid dressings or excess oils. However when you start to feel full stop there. Just because you can go round for more food doesn’t mean you need to. As mentioned earlier enjoying your holidays is all about balance so ensure you get that right at dinner. I have done it before where I keep going for more and more and although it feels like a great idea at the time it just isn’t required and if you want to avoid weight gain while away you need to know when to stop. This shouldn’t be an issue if you pack your plate out with lots of higher protein foods and veggies which will fill you up quite nicely. Also if you are allowing yourself a dessert then you need to keep that main meal in check calorie wise.


If you follow these five top tips then you will really be able to limit the damage while away on holiday, you never know you could even lose weight.

Just be smart, relax and be mindful of choices and you will be absolutely fine.


Enjoy your holiday

Coach Chris