Going around in circles with your diet and not seeing the results you want can be very de-motivating indeed. It can be easy to give up and feel you are destined to stay where you are. Well the good news is, there is hope. In this blog I will share some diet tips that will help you get on track and firmly on the road to achieving your fat loss goals.

When people ask me for diet tips it can be hard to know where to start.

But the one that is always first on my list, and in my eyes the biggest and most important, is to get yourself in a calorie deficit. If you aren’t familiar with this term, it basically means you need to expend more energy than the amount you take in.

But I guess, simply knowing this isn’t always enough…

In principle, dieting is simple! It’s the putting it into action that can be the hard part.

So, here are five reasons your diet might not be currently working for you, and some handy diet tips that will help you get on back on track and well on your way towards your fat loss goals.

Tracking calories

Diet refers to what you eat and whilst you may feel that you’re working hard to improve your diet through making better choices, sometimes your efforts might not be enough.

When people ‘clean up’ their diet they can often overeat on single ingredient, yet calorie-dense foods, which, without them realising, are taking them over their daily calorie consumption.

One of the best diet tips I give for people to implement is to start tracking calories. It can be incredibly eye opening to see how many calories you are really consuming. People might say “My diet is really healthy”, but ultimately, if your food choices take you out of a calorie deficit, you’ll struggle to lose weight. End of.

To truly understand your diet, you need to get a grasp on your calories and tracking is a really effective way of achieving this. It’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed with the never-ending diet tips online, but simply understanding your calorie consumption can really open your eyes and might even give you a bit of a shock with regard to your current habits.

Give your diet enough time

People want results straight away. They don’t want to have to wait 6 months, they want to be there now.

It is not uncommon to underestimate the time needed to achieve your weight loss goals, and of course if you realise this mid-way through your journey, it can feel a little de-motivating. The first step is simply beginning, and with consistency and dedication, you will get there.

Of course, I hope and believe that the diet tips in this blog will help you on your journey, but we can’t forget that they are determined by time and ensuring your efforts are consistent. Giving some honest consideration to the amount of time it might take to achieve your results is something I really advocate taking the time to do, to help you get onto the right path from the get go!

On a similar note, I wrote another blog recently which discussed the importance of ensuring you are ready to embark on a diet – check it out to get the low down on what you can expect when beginning your weight loss journey.

Stop lying to yourself

The best diet tips in the world mean nothing unless you are honest with yourself.

Sometimes people can bury their heads in the sand a little bit when they aren’t achieving a great deal of success with their diet and try to forget about all the extra calories they have eaten.

It may also be the case you are tracking calories but don’t remember to track that coffee, that one digestive, or that extra portion of fruit. This can build up, and without even knowing it, you are eating quite a few more calories than you think. You need to understand that if you lie about your diet, you’re only lying to yourself.

You need to honestly look at yourself in the mirror and promise to understand where you are and what you need to do. Until you do this, I really do believe that all of these diet tips are null and void.

Deal with hunger

I am sorry to break the bad news but within a successful weight loss diet, it is inevitable that you will feel hungry. I know being hungry sucks but at the end of the day it’s part and parcel of dieting to a degree.

Your body is getting less calories than it would like and therefore tapping into stored energy (body fat), so the feeling of hunger is fairly inevitable.

All of these diet tips will help get you into that calorie deficit, but you do need to prepare yourself to deal with those periods of hunger when they happen. More often than not, hunger will subside after just a short amount of time, so try to ride it out. Nine times out of ten, you will feel ok soon enough, and it probably isn’t long until your next meal anyway!

I myself have personally done a 36 hour fast and found it very illuminating as to what real hunger feels like and also helped me to realise that after 25 minutes or so, hunger subsides, and you can deal with the hunger, you just need to crack on with your day as usual.

Some good diet tips to deal with hunger are to ensure you eat lots of higher volume low calorie foods (fibrous veg, noodles, frozen fruit etc.), drink plenty of water and eat protein at every meal and then just man up and deal with it :).

Get accountability

The final point out of these five diet tips is to get some accountability. You have all the tools at your disposal and are armed and ready to implement these diet tips but if you don’t have accountability then at some point your diet may stall.

How can you get accountability?

There are many ways! Telling a friend about your goals, actually getting a friend to join you on your diet, signing up to an event or working with a coach. Any one of these things can help you to just add that little bit of extra motivation during your diet so that when things get tough and you think about sacking it in, you are not solely accountable to yourself.

Even something like waging a bet with a friend can be a good option as nothing motivates people like money can and the fear of losing some or knowing you are both physically, emotionally and financially committed to the goal in hand.

This out of all these diet tips may seem less or a priority but trust me that a lot of people actually know what they need to do but never give themselves the accountability that is needed to see the diet through.

So, get accountable and you will get to your goals!

Letting yourself down is one thing but letting someone else down or other people is a different ball game.

Take the plunge and begin the path to actually achieving your goals,


I hope you enjoyed this blog and put into action all of these diet tips or if needed just the one which is letting you down. At Team Box we want to do all we can to help you achieve your goals so maybe it’s time to start working with a coach 1-2-1 and let us help you get to where you want to be.

Best of luck.