When dieting for fat loss, you need to be smart about your food choices. Ensuring your diet is wholesome and nutritious but also satisfying, will allow you to be consistent. Within this blog I will highlight my five favourite food swaps which are best for fat loss. Each food swap will allow you stay on track with your diet but also enjoy it.

When dieting, having variety can be very important as well as also not feeling like any food is off limits or you can’t have it.

To lose body fat we need to be in a calorie deficit but to get into that deficit we need to ensure we make smart food choices and keep calories under control.

Making some simple food swaps can be really useful to allow this but often it just requires a bit of research to see what is lower or higher calorie than you realised. However, fret not as I have made it super simple for you with my top five food swaps for fat loss to get you started with your fat loss goals and enjoying your diet.


Food swap – 1. Swap Greek yogurt to Quark yogurt

Hopefully, we all know that Greek yogurt is a great option as its high in protein and low in calories. However, there is an even better option which is lower in calories. Kvarg quark yogurt is a fantastic food swap at only 90 calories for a snack tub. Compare that to a Total Greek yogurt with honey snack pot which comes in at 180 calories. You could have two Kvarg yogurts for the same calories as one Total yogurt. That’s one great food swap for your fat loss goals.


Total yogurt – 180 calories per pot 

Kvarg yogurt – 90 calories per pot


Food swap – 2. Swap pork sausages to chicken sausages

Most of us enjoy a nice cooked breakfast or a few bangers with some mashed potato and veg for dinner. However, pork sausages can really rack up the calories so you are much better making a lower calorie choice. If you haven’t heard of Heck chicken sausages you must have been living under a rock. At only 99 calories for two compared to 250 calories for two Richmond pork sausages this food swap is a must. Heck sausages are also higher in protein which is great for retaining muscle and satiety when dieting.


Richmond sausages – 250 calories for 2 sausages 

Heck sausages – 99 calories for 2 sausages 


Food swap – 3. Swap Nutella to Choc Shot sauce

Most of us have a sweet tooth, and when dieting you want to stay consistent by allowing some sweetness. Nutella tastes amazing, but at 164 calories for a 30g portion (which is not a massive portion) it’s quite hefty in calories so a smart food swap is required. Choc shot is a chocolate sauce that at 84 calories for 30g (that is a decent portion of it) is a much smarter food swap which allows you to enjoy some chocolate but not for the same calorie hit as Nutella.


Nutella – 164 calories for 30g 

Choc shot – 84 calories for 30g


Food swap – 4. Swap Ben and Jerries to Halo Top

If you don’t like ice cream we won’t get on. Surely everyone loves a good scoop… or five? But when looking to lose body fat a whole tub of Ben and Jerries at over 1200 calories is just not smart so a food swap is required. Halo Top is a life saver when dieting. At only 280-360 calories a tub (depending on the flavour) it’s a great food swap and the flavours are great. I personally feel the red velvet is the best. A massive saving and still being able to enjoy ice cream and lose weight is winning on all fronts.


Ben and Jerries – 1200 calories per tub

Halo Top – 360 calories per tub


Food swap – 5. Swap cooking oil to fry light

The final food swap out of my top 5 is what you use to cook your meals in. Whether you are cooking some veggies, a piece of chicken or making some protein pancakes we all need to use some cooking oil to cook. However, when looking to control calories you want to avoid liquid calories. This food swap is so easy as it doesn’t change food volume but saves a lot of calories. The average serving of olive oil for cooking is around 80 calories but make a quick food swap to olive oil fry light and you are then just using 5 calories to cook in. This is such a quick food swap and it is so straight forward.


Olive oil – 82 calories per serving 

Fry Light – 5 calories per serving 


Hopefully each food swap has given you some easy ideas to install into your diet and also given you some inspiration to look at what else you can swap to make your calories go further. If you want to learn more about calories and how best to track them to achieve your fat loss goals, why not join our FREE FOUR WEEK FAT LOSS program? You will receive a log to track your calories and progress, be added into our private Facebook group and have the opportunity to get involved with our live weekly webinars with your coaches to get your questions answered.

You won’t regret it; and as it’s free, what’s stopping you?


Coach Chris