To achieve your goals whether they be weight loss, muscle gain or competing you will need to dedicate time to be successful. Time can often be the biggest excuse going and in this blog I am going to unearth how you have more time than you think and why it needs to be chalked off the list of excuses.

You can buy most things these days but sadly you can’t buy time, though it’s often the number one thing people claim they need more of.

Another thing you can’t buy is your dream body.

Whatever your goal is whether it’s to have shredded abs, have bigger glutes or be 10kgs lighter you can’t achieve them without hard work and dedication.

For many people their goals seem so far away and often unrealistic.

However, I am here to tell you they are achievable and with just a bit of hard work and consistency you can be well on your way to achieving them.

In my experience 99% of people who say they simply don’t have the time, really do, they just don’t know it!

There’s the 2 hours you might dedicate to watching TV in the evening, your regular Instagram check ins throughout the day, rolling out of bed just in the nick of time to get you into work, and spending your lunch at your desk.

I’d say that hidden amongst these things there are probably about 4 hours of time that could be better utilised…

  • Getting to the gym
  • Doing a bit of food prep
  • Heading out into the fresh air for a walk at lunchtime

Now this isn’t a rant at people who do the above and I am not being critical of people who would rather have a lie in than go to the gym. It’s just interesting how people don’t ever really look and critique how they could be better with time.

I am most definitely guilty of this too. Given the choice, I would certainly much rather watch game of thrones in the evening than do some mobility – which I know my body is crying out for at the moment.

Below are some reasons why people think time is holding them back and things you can do to make most of the time you have.


Tracking calories and food prep is not time consuming

Understanding calories and preparing your own food are two things that could make the biggest difference to your nutrition and achieving your goals.

Tracking calories and recording food is for many people – life changing, and they can be shocked at how much food they are eating. However, it is thought by many that tracking calories and using MyFitnessPal is time consuming.

Tell me how much time do you spend your phone just checking Facebook, Instagram or trawling through sky sports?

I would dread to know how much time I waste.

Although within this time tracking my food is one thing I do make time for. And guess what? It takes around 2-3 minutes a day. 2-3 minutes a day to understand and track the number of calories you put in your body. That’s no time at all.

The next thing people think takes ages is food prep. Some meals can take time to prepare in the kitchen, I understand that, however preparing a salad or making some chicken wraps and veg does not.

I truly believe you can prepare a whole week’s lunches in 10 minutes. This will not only allow you to control what you eat and save money – it will save you heaps of time in the week too! Instead of having to go out and get lunch at work you can spend that time going for a walk, getting some exercise and some time away from your desk.

Winning in so many ways.


Small blocks of time add up

Often the best results come from a conscious effort to do things in small blocks of time. What I mean by this is things like taking 20 minutes before you go to work to go for a walk, doing a quick weights session in your lunch break or sitting down and planning your week on a Sunday evening.

These efforts or ‘small wins’ as I call them are things that over time will really make a big difference and are always going to be much better than not doing anything at all.

With weight loss it’s not about smashing your legs in a monster gym session that will be the biggest influence, it’s staying active throughout the day. So when you take 10 minutes to walk around the office every 3 hours – don’t underestimate that what a positive contribution towards your weight loss goals something as small as this can be.

With muscle gain ensuring you take enough high protein meals and snacks to work is going to pay dividends and prevent you from just grabbing something when you can.


Nothing comes easy

The last point is the fact that you will need to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. You may need to get out of bed an hour earlier every day or maybe miss out on a drink after work.

The reality is that if the goal means that much to you then you will make the changes in your day and week required to create the time needed.

I have clients who juggle being full time parents, business owners and studying all at the same time but still achieve great results. How? They are efficient with their time, know what needs to be done, and do it.

I have a client who works 16-hour days in the film industry and still makes time to train five times a week. All from being good with time and ultimately their goals meaning enough to them to make the necessary sacrifices.

I hope this blog has stirred a few emotions deep down. Whether you have looked at your own week and realised you could be better or you sit down and really consider how much your goals mean to you.

Time is what you make of it. We all have the same amount of it but what you decide to do it with is up to you.

Coach Chris