Let’s be honest, we can all laugh about “Dad bods” but nobody actually wants one.

Every guy wants to feel comfortable in his body.

Less of a gut.
No love handles.

You know how you want to look.

Are you sick of starting a diet, falling off track, and steadily putting on a bit more weight each time?

You CAN lose weight and even get shredded if that’s what you want.

It starts with understanding where you’ve been going wrong.

Here’s some real talk about weight loss mistakes – and how to get it right.

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The REAL Reason You’re Not Losing Weight? Here’s 7 Of Them… (And What To Do About It)  


#1 You’re Confused About The Best Way To Lose Weight

With so much information out there, it can be tempting to give up. But don’t.

The fact is, this stuff is really pretty simple.

That’s why we wrote this article, and why we want you to have a space on this

There is no magic new way of losing weight. The stuff that works will always work.

You just need to make it fit your life.

What’s the “best” weight loss plan?

It’s the one you can stick to.

If you can’t do it as part of your lifestyle, it’s not the best plan for you.

Understand the basics, get started, and keep going.

Be consistent, and stay patient.

You gained weight by eating more calories than you needed consistently over time.

So you need to do the same thing in reverse to lose the weight.


Do This: – stop jumping from plan to plan – get into a calorie deficit, and stay there – develop everyday habits to stay consistent


#2 You’re Eating More Than Your Body Needs  

Eating too many calories is the only reason we gain weight.

But the good news is, there are lots of ways you can change this.

There’s no such thing as good calories or bad calories. Just calories.

“Good fats” have the same amount of calories as any kind of fat. “Clean” food still has plenty of calories.

A small portion of something can have a ridiculously high amount of calories.

You need to be honest about what you’re eating (and start tracking it, if you don’t already). It’s the only way you’ll know.

Think of it like your finances. If you want to save money, you need to either earn more than you spend, or spend less than you earn.

If your bank account is empty at the end of every month, you’re getting it wrong somewhere along the line.

The only way you’ll find out is by keeping a budget (and then doing something about it).

It’s the same for calories and fat loss.


Do This: – start tracking what you eat and drink (everything!) – work out how many calories you need for your activity level – assess the data & make the necessary changes


#3 You’re Worrying About The Wrong Things

Get your priorities in order.

Calories, activity levels, even things like your sleep.

Forget about small (and pretty insignificant) details like sugar, supplements, carb cycling, and the exact timing of your post-workout protein shake.

None of that matters unless you have the basics right.


Do This: – track your food and eat in a calorie deficit – get your activity levels up – sort your sleep out


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#4 You Don’t Realise How Inactive You’ve Got  

Our bodies don’t burn a lot of calories when we’re just sitting around.

But the problem is, we do a lot of it. In the car, on the train, at our desk, on the sofa…

The amount of calories we burn is pretty small unless we’re actually up and moving.

You need to start thinking about your activity levels outside of the gym.

NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) is a fancy way of talking about all the energy we burn outside of dedicated exercise sessions.

Walking the dog, mowing the lawn, bringing shopping in from the car, playing with the kids, doing DIY…

Any activity you do that isn’t formal exercise contributes to your NEAT.


Do This: – ramp up your NEAT, and you’ll lose weight (unless you start eating more calories!) – aim for 10,000 steps a day, or 70,000 over the week if your schedule is all over the place – go for short walks during the day. At lunchtime, after work, after dinner, whenever you have some time


#5 You’re Trying Too Hard  

Yep, it’s possible to diet too hard!

Slow and steady really does win this race.

If you under-eat in an effort to speed things up, you risk getting way too hungry, craving food, and picking up the phone to Domino’s.

There’s no point cutting foods out of your diet to lose weight.

Tell someone they can’t have something, and what happens?

They can’t stop thinking about it. It’s human nature.

Don’t “ban” anything from your weight loss diet.

You can have anything you want, as long as it fits your calorie goals.

(It might need to just be a very small amount of it!)

Learn to flexible diet, and you’ll have a useful skill: how to cut a bit of weight any time, anywhere.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

You CAN eat a small amount of your favourite food and still keep losing weight.

You just have to be aware of the number of calories you are consuming.

Do This: – don’t ban, cut out, or restrict any foods from your diet – stick to your calorie intake – learn how to fit small amounts of whatever you fancy in to your calorie numbers


#6 You Throw It All Away At Weekends  

Life is for living – but do you want to lose weight or not?

If your weekend intake is completely wiping out your weekday efforts (yes it’s totally possible!) then you need to sort this out.

Your body doesn’t care what day it is.

Would you wash your car and then “reward” yourself by taking a dump on the bonnet? Didn’t think so!

That’s not to say you have to eat salads all weekend and never drink again.

There’s a simple way to enjoy the weekends and still keep on track with weight loss.

It’s called flexible dieting.

Stop the on/off approach, get rid of the Monday guilt, and learn a few tricks so you can enjoy the weekends without going round in circles.


Do This: – track your food and drink intake so you know your calorie numbers – look at lower calorie ways to enjoy the things you like doing – make everything fit into your calorie goals for the week (our free 4-week fat loss programme shows you exactly how)


#7 You Haven’t Got Time For A Clear Run At It  

There will never be a perfect time to diet.

There’s always something: a wedding, your birthday, a busy time at work, moving house.

The harsh truth is that these are all excuses.

You either want to change your body, or you don’t.

If you don’t, that’s fine. But you’ve read this far, so you probably do.

Get rid of the excuses. Accept that there’s never a perfect time.

Get started, and make it a lifestyle so you fit training and nutrition around life as it happens.

Remember, once you’re aware of your calorie intake, you can learn to be flexible and “eat as you go” – so your fat loss diet takes much less time out of your life!


Do This: – learn to food prep, batch cook, and plan ahead – put training sessions in your diary just like any important event – look at your week ahead and plan times for training and food prep


Do This To Start Losing Weight

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