Mike Harrison

TEAM BOX Hypertrophy and Fat loss coach 

About Me

My passion is working closely with like-minded, driven individuals, who want to develop their physique. Whether it be for lean muscle gain or fat loss to achieve that “aesthetic” look.

I would say my ideal client is anyone who is willing to learn, committed, has passion and drive to push themselves to achieve the goals that they perhaps thought weren’t possible. Come to me with those attributes and we will get results.

I like to work closely with you to build a sustainable lifestyle based on a flexible dieting approach to nutrition to fit in with your own unique lifestyle and goals. Working with such close contact allows us to develop a much closer coach, client relationship, which is beneficial for both parties when it comes to getting the most from the programme.

I used to struggle with who to believe, what to do and when to do it. So I aim to clear up the confusion to get the best results possible for each and every client. I am extremely driven in regards to the coaching I deliver and developing my knowledge by; the hours I devote weekly to my study, attending courses and seminars, keeping up to date with current research so I am able to provide the most sound advice.

I also practise what I preach and have competed in National level physique contests, so I have a good understanding of what it takes to achieve top level results.

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