Laura Baker

Weightloss Specialist

Being a lady myself I understand the huge pressure to look good and that we work a little differently to guys! Not only in a physical/hormonal sense but I also appreciate that our lifestyles can be a little different (we are the experts at multi-tasking after all!).

5 years ago I made a decision to change my life from working a 9 to 5 office-based management job and top up my degree with additional qualifications to follow my passion to work in the fitness industry. Since then I’ve been successfully working as a personal trainer, coach, group exercise instructor, and food & fitness blogger.

My passion for nutrition and training grew after making a huge transformation to my own body. For years I would follow the latest faddy diet, taking ridiculous steps in a bid to get leaner which left my metabolism in a mess. Leaving the rubbish behind, educating myself and using a science based approach to nutrition and training has not only dramatically changed my body but also my attitude towards food. I’ve now learnt that it’s possible to enjoy life, eat well and still hit your training goals (no boring repetitive meal plans necessary!).

When it comes to nutrition there’s so much conflicting information out in the industry (& quite frankly a lot of rubbish!). I love working with clients who are willing to learn, be open minded & get as excited about food & it’s role in leading a fit, healthy lifestyle as I do. I’m continually studying to build my knowledge so that I stay up to date with current research to make sure that i’m giving the best advice possible to my clients.

Initially I see the same things in a lot of clients, eating like “angels” all week but then ruining it at the weekend by eating their body weight in pizza or chocolate at a “cheat meal”. Being able to stop this behaviour and show my clients with consistency and commitment you can build the body you want whilst enjoying a diet that fits around your life and doesn’t “demonise” or restrict certain foods is what makes me so passionate about coaching females.

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