Emil Goliath

Emil Goliath

The Fitness Doctor & TEAM BOX Nutrition Coach

About Me

As a practising emergency doctor, fitness professional and competitive physique athlete I take flexible dieting to its limits to achieve my goals. I specialise in transferring these skills to my clients to ensure they achieve their dream physique despite the most trying circumstances.

As well as bodybuilding, I have competed at a high level in rugby and strongman and have even ventured into the world of mixed martial arts. This puts me in an excellent position to apply multiple training modalities and a wealth of experience to my practice. On top of this, I have worked with a wide range of clients over the years from shift workers to casual gym goers to high-level athletes.

I keep my knowledge up to date by regularly attending conferences, workshops and seminars and actively take part in scientific debate on a regular basis. This means that I have the latest research at my fingertips and I can distill it down to the relevant facts for the clients that I coach. As people who work with me will attest, asking questions is vital to progress and no question is too basic. The more you can get invested in the process, the more you will gain from it!

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