If you can think back to that moment at 1 minute past midnight on the 1st of January I am sure you had lots of big fitness goals planned for this year. Maybe you wanted 2018 to be the year where you put your health first, maybe you were going to get in the shape of your life or maybe you were going to enter an event or challenge.

If things didn’t go to plan then thats ok. You still have 3 months left to finish this year on a high.

In this blog I am going to give you three tips on how you can finish your year positively by achieving your goals so you can look back at 2018 as a year where you achieved something great and didn’t just write it off.


Motivation can come and go. It’s easy to feel more motivated every Monday morning when you think this week will be better and you are finally going to begin the path to achieving your fitness goals. It’s even easier to feel motivated when you start a new year. The prospect of a fresh start and time to change things for the better. But what happens when you are over half way through the week or year? When that motivation has all but disappeared and you have just slipped back into your old ways.

The reality is that we all have these dips in motivation and times when things slip back, even us coaches feel this.

You just have to realise that you will not always be motivated but when you aren’t is the time when its so important to stick to your goals and be consistent.

But how can you pick yourself back up when you haven’t been consistent? With over three months left and as I write this blog there is exactly 100 days left of the year and therefore still time to achieve so much.

Now is a great time to re evaluate why you haven’t achieved your fitness goals and sign off 2018 the way you wanted to.

Below are three easy tips you can use to get things back on track but also keep them on track for the long term and not just a few weeks.


1. Get to know your fitness goals and why they are important

When people say that want to achieve something they will often give a half hearted reason as to why. If you want your fitness goals to stick you need to understand the deep reasons why they are so important to you. When people say they want to get healthier and lose weight they may say ‘I just want to feel better’ that doesn’t cut it, you need to dig a lot deeper. The real reason could be that the person may fear having health complications in later life and maybe not living as long as they would like to. I know thats quite deep but if you can understand this kind of thing it will really help to increase your chances of being consistent and actually sticking to your fitness goals. A good way to get to the bottom of your goal is ask yourself 5 why’s. Why do I want to achieve this goal? and then whatever you say ask why again and again until you unearth the real reason. One you have found your true motivations write them down and when you have off days or days when you want to quite remind yourself of these reasons.

2. Make yourself accountable to your fitness goals

Just saying you will do something in your head means nothing. You need to put your goals out there and make yourself accountable to them. There are so many ways you can make yourself accountable to your fitness goals. Maybe you give yourself a reward if you achieve your goals? This could be treating yourself to a holiday or a new pair of trainers. You could tell a friend about your goals or even post on social media to help give you added accountability. Some people can find signing up to an event can help. Knowing you have something to work towards and adding a bit of pressure can often be a good thing. Finally working with a coach or trainer can really help to give you that accountability on another level. Not only will you get the coaches expertise to help you, the financial commitment will also no doubt increase your buy in to stick to your goals this time. And of course knowing you don’t want to let your coach down and that checking in with them every week gives you that support and accountability which you really need.

3. Sacrifice a few things

The final tip I would give is to understand that you will need to sacrifice a few things to achieve your fitness goals. Of course you don’t need to be training every day or be a tubbarwear warrior to achieve your fitness goals. You can still enjoy a few drinks and use a flexible dieting approach. However you need to understand that nothing good ever came easily. There will be evenings where you need to get to the gym and you don’t quite feel it. Days where you fancy diving into a large pizza. Or evenings out where you fancy a good session in the pub withe lads on the beers. But a lot of these things aren’t really in line with your goals and also these are most likely things you have been doing up to this point which have led you to where you are. Continue to do them and you can expect to see the same results. But going back to point 1 these sacrifices shouldn’t be an issue when you remember the deep reason you are doing this and also that extra accountability you now have will keep you on the straight and narrow so you can finally achieve your fitness goals.


I hope this blog has stirred a few emotions with you and made you think about your goals and why you haven’t achieved them yet. Remember you can start any time, just start. Don’t look for the perfect time or day. Trust me there isn’t one, only now. So take action and take control for your goals so you finish this year on a high.

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Hopefully thats as good a reason to smash the end of this year.

Coach Chris