From as Little as £9.99 a week.


– To be in an exclusive community of like-minded people, all on the same journey as you?

– To get weekly, live check-ins on how to manipulate your diet so that you make results week on week?

– To go through an individual assessment process and not just get thrown a generic meal plan?

Can’t Work Out Where You’re Going Wrong?

Maybe you feel that you need a kick up the arse and someone to check in with each week so that you can lose that little bit of fat around your midsection.

Although we will give you the information needed over the next 6 week, more importantly, we show you how to apply it.

We understand that everyone needs accountability.

Someone to make sure that you have a reason to turn up to the gym, to be consistent with your nutrition and most of all to get results.

With summer just around the corner, NOW is the time to kick-start your diet and get some consistency so that your body confidence is at all time high during the warmer months.

Be coached by Stephen Box and the rest of the Team Box coaches for a 6-week program designed to kick start your beach body goals.


What Our Last Intake Said:

“Thanks Team Box, 5.4kg down in 3 weeks (79.3 to 73.9). Very clear and easy to follow instructions, great communication, interaction and support. Having had a bad experience of online coaching in the past, I did have my doubts. But with the right coaches this platform can 100% work”


“Two weeks on the Team Box mini cut and I have dropped almost 5lbs and seen a noticeable difference in my tummy (at long last)! Really pleased with the results”


“Thanks Team Box for the 3 weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed having a taste of how you operate. I have previously done plans with different people in the industry, with good results, but can see that Team Box is operating on another level.”