What do you think of when you hear the word goal?

Do you think football?, do you think a new job role? or do you think of money?

Whatever you think it doesn’t really matter but no doubt you thought of something.

When someone asks you what your fitness goals are what do you think of and say?

If you don’t think of anything or take more than a few seconds to answer then this blog is for you.

In this blog I am going to explore why setting goals is important and how it can in many cases help you achieve more than you originally thought possible. Then at the end I will get you a FREE tool to help you personally create and set your own goals going forward so you can smash 2019.

Most of us will have goals in many aspects of life. Whether it be money saving goals, travelling goals or work goals.

But fitness goals can sometimes go forgotten or not even thought about.

When you train in the gym most days and make a real effort with your nutrition and training you will over the week give up a lot of time.

When you commit this amount of time you want to ensure that you are being as optimal as possible and have a clear sense of direction.

This is where setting goals can be so useful.

It gives your hard work and dedication purpose and in many cases a time frame.

If you are saving money you wouldn’t just say ‘I am just saving what I can’. You would most likely have a goal figure you want to save and something you want to put the money towards.

If you enjoy travelling you wouldn’t say ‘I want to travel the world’ you would say the certain places you want to visit. These goals are specific because you have thought about them and they mean something to you.

As you have thought about these goals many factors that have come into play as to why you have come to this decision.

But how many people do this for fitness?

Your goals could be weight loss, muscle gain, performance or just general well being or maybe a combination of a few.

Only by sitting down and thinking about what you want to achieve will you truly understand your true motivations and sometimes this can be deeper rooted than you think.

Below are three things that sitting down and really hammering our your fitness goals can give you.

  1. Focus – When you sit down and write down what you want to achieve it automatically gives you a greater focus of what you are doing and where you want to get to. Let’s say weight loss is your goal and that your long term goal is to lose 10kgs. You may want to set a goal of losing 2kgs every month and then over 5 months you lose the goal of 10kgs. This allows you to know every month what you need to do. If one month you lose more you know you may achieve your goal sooner. If you lose slightly less one month then you know you need to ramp things up. It also breaks down the goal into smaller less daunting chunks. Achieve the first goal and then move onto the next. This may seem basic but how many of us do it?
  2. Accountability – At Team Box we talk about this a lot purely as its so important. Writing down your goals give you a greater sense of accountability than just letting them float around in your head. To increase accountability you could get friends or family involved in your goal or maybe even hire someone to help you. If you don’t get accountable then your chances of success are far less and what you say one day will be forgotten then next so get thinking and get writing.
  3. Reconfirmation – When you break down why you want to achieve a certain goal and what it will mean to you it gives a reconfirmation of what you want to achieve. I would advise that you take your time when setting your goals to ensure they are both important enough to you and also realistic. You may also realise that perhaps a goal you thought you wanted to achieve is not actually as important as you think and thats ok. You can only come to this conclusion by taking the time to really consider your goals.

Hopefully this blog has made you realise why goal setting can be so important and useful. If you haven’t set anything for 2019 now is the time. To make this super easy for you we have created a super easy and comprehensive goal setting blueprint FREE for you to download. Simply HIT THIS LINK .

We then advise you sit down on the sofa one evening turn your phone, tv and laptop and really think about what you want to achieve this year.

All the best for 2019 and the goals ahead.