If you are looking to lose weight and reduce your body fat then it is paramount that you first of all understand calorie balance. 

Calories are our bodies currency. A calorie is just a measure of energy. 

Which means that their isn’t such thing as a good or bad calorie, you don’t get a good or bad centimetre. 

The other thing to mention here is that your body can store any excess calories that you don’t use as stored body fat. 

Every pound of body fat equates to approx 3500 calories of stored energy. 

The food & drink that we eat contains calories and moving around  day to day uses calories. 

When the calories in from the food matches the calories out from your activity across the day, your body will stay the exact same. 

You won’t lose or gain weight. As all of the food that you are eating is being used. 

In order to lose body weight, we need to put your body into what is called an energy or calorie deficit. 

If you have ever lost weight before or tried a diet, if it was successful then this is what you would have done. 

In short this means that you are going to maintain your current level of activity across the day and reduce the amount of calories that you are eating on a daily basis. 

So if you are burning 2500 calories a day and you only eat 2000, in order to keep moving your body needs to find the extra 500 calories from your stores of energy. 

Do this every day for a week and you will lose a pound of body fat, as you would have used up 3500 calories. 

To get started, the best thing to do is to start tracking your calorie intake on an app like my fitness pal. This will give you a great idea of how many calories you consume on a daily basis. 

Along with tracking your food, make sure you weight yourself. 

Then if your body weight is staying roughly the same. 

Take your daily average intake of calories and then reduce it by 10-20%. 

This will be enough to put you into a calorie deficit without doing anything extreme. 

You will still be able to eat your favourite foods over time you will be successful. 

Best of luck 

TEAM BOX Coach Stephen Box.