The metabolism.

The scape goat.
The fat burner.
The thing we need to “boost”.


Here are some common myths, you have no doubt heard, once or twice.

1. Julie does not have a slow metabolism. She has biscuit tin raiding fingers.

People often blame their slow metabolism for the fat gain or lack of fat loss, but more often than not have no grasp whatsoever on the amount of calories they eat.

2. Dave does not get fat at the sight of cake. That impossible.

What you really mean is that eating that cake you seem to put on weight quickly. This is because you are having this cake too often, alongside your other treats that you “only have to look at”. Nobody got fat just looking.

3. Larger people have slower metabolisms. Often it is not the case.

Most typically a person weighing in a little more on the scales will have a “faster” metabolism than their skinnier counterpart. Bang goes your scapegoat.

4. Smaller more frequent meals boost the metabolism. No they don’t.

There has been no difference in “metabolic boosting” effects, found between calorie equated diets consisting of 2-11 meals per day. Eat however many meals you want, but remain adherent to your calorie intake.

5. Cheat meals boost the metabolism. Stupid.

To think that consuming an 8000 kcal cheat meal will “boost” the metabolism by the amount and then some of what you have actually over-eaten by is ridiculous.

6. Your metabolism does not get damaged.

No long term effects are seen in terms of a “damaged” metabolism. You have adaptive properties of the metabolism which react to the dieting process. Like reduced NEAT and a slight lowering of BMR, but you also have the same adaptations moving upwards, when calories are added back in.

7. Your metabolism is not through the floor. It’s likely you just stopped moving.

Largest reductions in the Total Daily Energy Expenditure of calories actually comes from reductions in NEAT, with much smaller in RMR than most believe.

8. HIIT has negligible effects on boosting the metabolism.

The mythical EPOC actually accounts for a tiny amount of calories, rather than the fat burning inferno you are led to believe it is. It accounts for around 6-15% of the calories expended during that cardio session. So let’s say you expended 300 kcal at most, that’s an extra 45kcal over the entire day of EPOC.

Hardly, ground breaking. In fact, for some people after a hard HIIT session, may actually reduce their subsequent movements during the day by more than this.

Big Sue sat on the sofa all night unable to move after her punishing burpee and sprint session.

9. Fat Burners do not melt away the fat.

The effects are negligible at BEST. Save your money. Certainly, do not think they you can eat how you like, pop a fat burner and get lean. Not going to happen.

10. Coconut oil in your coffee does not boost your metabolism.

Adding unnecessary calories to your coffee, is definitely a complete contradiction to what you actually want to achieve.

By all means, if you enjoy it and it’s within your allotted calories leading to a calorie deficit across the week, that’s fine.

But, it does not burn any more fat, does not boost your metabolism. In my opinion it’s a waste of 100 calories that could be spent elsewhere.

So instead of looking at your metabolism, trying to manipulate it, blaming it when things don’t work, pay closer attention to calorie balance.

It will get you a lot further than focusing on things that have little bearing on your overall results.

Coach Mike