Dieting to get in better shape for summer or a holiday can be a yearly ritual for many. This is a great goal however being able to relax and enjoy moments after the diet can sometimes be easier said than done.

In this blog I will give my views and tips on how to embrace summer socials while maintaining your new physique.


The sun is out, you are surrounded by friends having a drink and you are feeling in great shape. It’s an awesome place to be but being able to enjoy these times and stay relaxed is not always so straight forward.

When going through a period of successful dieting there are lots of things you need to do. Being consistent with your nutrition and food choices, staying active both in and outside the gym are just a few of the basics.

As you make progress with your goals there comes a certain routine and habit of all these things you are doing which will keep you consistent and on track to lose body fat and get in better shape.

The sad reality is however that things like drinking, enjoying higher calorie foods will not be part of these new habits and routine unless you go low calorie and stay very active the rest of the time.

With these new habits you have adopted you may have sacrificed some social events or knocked a few foods on the head along the way.

So, what happens when you are pretty much where you want to be with your body comp and social events and holidays start coming up?

Can you actually relax at these social events without constantly fearing of the weight coming back on?

Yes, you can.

Or at least you should be able to.

You have worked damn hard for your goals and you should be able to relax and enjoy yourself a bit and show off your hard work to the world.

There isn’t any point losing loads of weight and then staying in every Saturday night out of fear you can’t enjoy yourself.

It always comes down to the fact that weight loss and weight gain doesn’t happen in one moment or one day but over a longer period, so enjoying a few drinks now and then will not send you off the rails.


Below are some of my top tips to install to stay on track and enjoy yourself stress free.

Going lower before and after – When you know you have a social event on a Saturday the easiest thing to do is create a calorie buffer for that day. You can do this by dropping calories back the day before and after the event. By knocking off 400 calories over two days gives you an extra 800 calories to play with on the day and that on top of your normal daily intake should give you loads of room for food and drink. I always think it’s wise to go lower the day after to avoid any poor food choices post a few drinks and the fact you’ll most likely be satiated from the day before.

Fast on the day – If the idea of going lower before and after the day isn’t possible then fasting on the morning of the day can be a super easy way to give yourself space for food and drink. By missing a meal and pushing things back you give yourself more calories for the evening. Couple this with then going much lower calorie on the meals you do have before the event and these small decisions can be very useful long term for successful weight maintenance.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t all go to plan – If you do the above or maybe add in some extra training and steps over the week you are in a great position to do minimal damage. However, if your plan was to just go for low calorie mixers and spirits and you then get dragged into a monumental game of beer pong and a few shots, do not worry. As good as it is to have plans sometimes you just need to go with the flow. And that’s ok if you have done some front-loaded work with pulling calories back. The last thing you want is to worry and stress out. The day after just get back to it and move on.

Life is for living – This isn’t a tip but more a message. It’s great being lean and getting into a happy place with your body but you should then enjoy it and also enjoy life. I love it when I am photoshoot lean, but for about a week. I much prefer that place 4 weeks after when I am still lean but am able to enjoy more social events with friends and family while still holding my shape. Stressing out over events because you can’t control things is really not worth it. Just control what you can control and enjoy the rest. Of course, still eat and drink like an adult but one of the best bits of advice I have found from previous diets or reverse diets is staying relaxed. There are enough things in life to stress and worry about which are much more important than if you can track all the food and drink at a party. Do the best you can and more often than not that will be enough.


Summer has only started so if you are guilty of not truly enjoying your summer events so far do no stress, there is plenty of time left to have a good one.

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Coach Chris