The word dieting can often send a shiver down most people’s spine. But why is this the case? There should be a sense of positivity when you think about dieting. It’s a time to change and make your life healthier and hopefully happier. One of the main reasons why people often hate dieting is because they believe they need to kiss good bye to their favourite foods and begin a diet which is both boring and unfulfilling.

In this blog I am going to highlight why you don’t need to hate dieting or think it means you have to give up delicious food.



More and more people start a new diet every year. This trend will most likely increase as our lives become more sedentary, high palatable high calorie foods are available more and children are less active from a young age.

No I am not going to delve into those subjects as that could well open a can of worms.

But in essence we are getting more overweight and more of us will need to diet at some point in our lives.

How many of these new diets that people start will be successful long term?

Not may I would bet.

People want to be successful at dieting but I believe one of the biggest reasons they aren’t successful is because they feel they need to cut out all their favourite foods.

When people think of the word diet they think salad and small portions and therefore it’s easy to see why many people hate dieting. While it is true you need to control portion sizes and therefore calories it doesn’t mean you just have to eat salad day in day out.

Weight loss simply comes down to expending more calories than you consume. Creating that all elusive calorie deficit.

All food contains calories and as long as you find that calorie deficit you will lose weight.

You could create this deficit by just eating ice cream.

Surely you couldn’t hate dieting doing that? Now of course I wouldn’t advise just eating ice cream when trying to lose weight but you need to understand at the end of day it comes to calories.

You can put on body fat eating just chicken and broccoli. Again it’s down to calories, you eat more calories from these foods than your body needs you will put on weight over time.

If you can truly understand then there is less of a chance of you hating dieting.



Below are two really easy and effective strategies and different ways to look dieting which might just change your perspective on the way you feel about trying to lose weight.

See calories like money

The easiest way to look at calories is just like money. Some people can really struggle to get the head around calories but this analogy often makes it much clearer and easier to understand.

If you want to lose weight it’s like trying to save money and putting on weight is like going into your overdraft.

When trying to lose weight you can still allow yourself some higher palatable calorie foods but it just means that your other meals must be much lower in calories. Just like if you were saving money you could allow yourself to buy a new pair of trainers but as a result would have to cut back on expenditure elsewhere. This allows you to still save money but still enjoy some new purchases here and there. Just like still losing weight but enjoying a slice of cake here and there.

When you see calories are not to dissimilar to money you should also be able to see how apps like My Fitness Pal are like your online banking apps. They are a quick and easy way to monitor your calorie intake and by checking every day and recording your foods you can really keep on top of things. If you wanted to save money you wouldn’t just check your online banking every few weeks. You would want to keep a more regular eye on it, this way you can change things if needed or continue if things are going well.

Make smart food swaps

You should hopefully now have a better understanding that you can actually still enjoy our favourite foods and still lose weight, however despite this there is a lot to be said about making your calories go as far as you can. Using the money analogy what would you rather, one expensive very nice Tee-shirt or five nice cheaper Tee-shirts for the same price? Some may say the expensive one but I am guessing most would say five tee-shirts instead. You can make calories go further just like money. Often this will just require you to read more food labels and find a better alternative. This could be swapping your Ben and Jerries ice cream to a lower calorie Halo Top. You still get to enjoy ice cream but make a massive saving on calories. Or it could be swapping your flat white from full fat to skimmed milk . You still get to enjoy the same drink but save calories along the way. It’s so easy to make smart calorie swaps you just need to be open minded that your diet doesn’t need to be bland and use apps like My Fitness Pal to check calorie amounts. Your diet doesn’t need to be overhauled just simply tweaked and food swaps are a prime way to do this.


I hope the above has made you start to understand how you don’t need to hate dieting and how you can still enjoy great food and lose weight. It just requires you to look at things with a different perspective.

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