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What makes a good or a bad diet?

Search google for the best diet for fat loss and a 100 options will come up. When you want to lose weight and want to know the best diet for you it can be hard to decipher what is rubbish and what is not and most importantly what will work for you long term. In this...

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Offline v online personal training

To achieve any fitness goal you need hard work and consistency. Having someone in your corner to give you the support and guidance however can be an invaluable asset for your goal. Whether you have been training for five years or five months a trainer or coach can...

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Top 5 food swaps for fat loss

When dieting for fat loss, you need to be smart about your food choices. Ensuring your diet is wholesome and nutritious but also satisfying, will allow you to be consistent. Within this blog I will highlight my five favourite food swaps which are best for fat loss....

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How to gain muscle and burn fat

To gain muscle and burn body fat at the same time is seen as the holy grail for many. However, is this really possible? In this blog I will delve into whether it can be done, including some easy tips that are essential, and looking into whether there is a better way...

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The five most important diet tips

Going around in circles with your diet and not seeing the results you want can be very de-motivating indeed. It can be easy to give up and feel you are destined to stay where you are. Well the good news is, there is hope. In this blog I will share some diet tips that...

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