Season 3 | EP 3 Supplements

Coaches Dan, Chris, Laura and Stephen discuss everything to know about supplements. They Discuss the range of supplements that are out there on the market. (1:30) What are supplements (6:30) What is the point of supplements (12:30) BCAAs (21:30) ZMA (26:00) What...

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Season 3 | EP 5 Do you even lift Bro?

Coaches Stephen, Chris and Mike discuss everything there is to know about training. Science to application, the terms used and the stigma around training. (4:40) What is RPE and Reps to failure (18:30) Science vs Practical application (27:00)Training intensity (34:00)...

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The REAL Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

Let’s be honest, we can all laugh about “Dad bods” but nobody actually wants one. Every guy wants to feel comfortable in his body. Less of a gut. No love handles. You know how you want to look. Are you sick of starting a diet, falling off track, and steadily putting...

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The Gym Goers Christmas Wish List

The Gym Goers Christmas Wish List With December upon us the long and all consuming task of Christmas shopping for friends and family has begun. For family or partners who love the gym it can be a hard task finding the perfect gift, however don’t fret as Team Box...

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7 reasons why it’s hard to lose weight

Weight loss is actually a fairly simple process. However, as humans, we have a few obstacles to navigate, which can, unfortunately, make it harder.   1. You make decisions SOLELY on your scale weight If you don’t take into account all the...

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TRAINING | Progressive Overload

The importance of progressive overload   Progressive overload (PO) is defined as ‘the gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise/training’.   Hopefully, if you are reading this blog then you will have a basic understanding of what this means...

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