We all love that feeling of coming out the gym with a huge arm pump (ladies that includes you).

It’s hugely satisfying, more satisfying than a lot of things according to Arnie.

Often when it comes to arm training we just need to do more volume and work them to failure more often. Chucking in the odd 3 sets of 10 reps on some bicep curls once a week, isn’t going to quite get you the arms you want.

It can also be hard coming up with ideas for how to train them, because the assumption is you just need to lift heavier and heavier to make them bigger.

This isn’t always true. More often than not we just need to churn out the reps and squeeze those tiny things every single rep.

So I thought I’d put together 3 of my favourite arm finishers for you guys to try in the gym.


1) EZ Bar Superset (Bicep Curl & Skullcrusher)

Load up an EZ bar with a weight you can do roughly 20 reps for on a bicep curl and where possible whatever weight you decide to add on the end, split it into two plates.

For example, if you load 5kg on each end, put 2×2.5kg plates on.

  • Start with as many reps as possible (AMRAP) on standing bicep curls with strict form, ensuring you squeeze the bicep and don’t move the elbows
  • Then go straight onto an incline bench (30 degree) and start doing AMRAP skull crushers
  • Ensure your tempo is roughly a 2 second eccentric, so you can focus on stretching the muscle through a full range
  • You must go to failure on each set
  • Once you can no longer get to 8 reps, drop one of the plates off each side and keep going
  • Keep doing supersets with NO rest in between until your arms are swole
  • To progress the exercise you can add more plates and do a further drop or start with more weight


2) Cable Curl & Extension

Set up a cable stack with one side for straight bar cable curls, and the other side for triceps extensions. Pick a weight you can do for 15 reps.

The goal is to do 100 reps total, on both curls & extensions, in the least number of sets possible.

  • Tip: Don’t take your first set to failure
  • Start on cable curls and then superset with cable extensions with NO rest in between
  • Do not change the weight


3) Triceps Annihilation

Set up a cable stack to perform Overhead Cable Extensions. Pick a weight you can do for 15 reps

  • Do 15 reps
  • Drop the weight down by 1-2 plates
  • Do 15 more reps (or as many as you can)
  • Keep going until you get to a weight that is too light
  • Then set up the cable stack for normal standing triceps extensions
  • Pick a weight you can do for 15 reps and do 15 reps
  • Drop the weight down by 1-2 plates
  • Do 15 more reps (or as many as you can)
  • Keep going until your triceps are on fire / or the weight is too light
  • Then do AMRAP on press ups
  • Then do AMRAP on kneeling press ups


If you use these simple training techniques on your arms at the end of every upper body day, I promise in 6 weeks time you’ll have a better set of arms, more growth and more confidence wearing that t-shirt or vest.

Give it a go and keep a record in your training diary so that you can look back at your progress.